Accident Tips

  • Ensure safety of all occupants. Call 911 if anyone is injured.
  • Move vehicles to a safe location. (If drivable, take vehicle to CCS App Demo or call (905) 264-7022)
  • Do not sign anything for anyone except the police.
  • Do not admit liability for the accident.
  • Know your rights: It is your right to choose your repair facility. This is the law! Your choice is simple: CCS App Demo.
  • Towing your vehicle: remember to use your free tow card if your vehicle is not drivable. Detach and hand the card to the tow truck operator.
  • Gather Information: ensure that you have collected all of the necessary information under the "Record Accident Info" section of the app. Click Here
  • Depending on your jurisdiction and extent of the damage, you may be required to get an accident report from the police or a collision reporting centre.
  • Remember to take pictures of the accident scene, vehicles involved, and save them on your phone.